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Eligible Programs

RMYF seeks to support programs that:

  • Are innovative and have a potentially replicable service concept.
  • Are offered by small or medium nonprofit organizations (operating budget of up to $1 million).
  • Promote scholastic, professional, athletic and/or other excellence in disadvantaged youth (0-25 years old).
  • Provide youth with new opportunities for health, personal growth and success.
  • Are located in the greater metropolitan areas of Boston, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, San Francisco and Washington, DC. Search below to see if your zip code falls within our range.

Eligible Organizations

Innovation Grants aim to help undiscovered organizations at a point in their evolution where $20,000 still makes a meaningful contribution towards becoming sustainable long-term. If your organization has more than $1million in annual revenue or receive any grants over $100,000 from government entities or large philanthropic organizations, it has likely outgrown RMYF grants.

Only organizations that meet all of the following criteria are eligible for Innovation Grants:

  • Are US-based organizations with IRS nonprofit status.
  • Operate in one of these geographic areas: Boston MA, Los Angeles, CA, Milwaukee WI, San Francisco CA, and Washington DC.
  • Offer innovative programs or services designed help underprivileged youth reach their full potential. Innovative is defined as "uncommon, untested or otherwise unconventional" In other words, RMYF funds programs or services that are outside of current customary practices. Innovative services RMYF has funded include the following:
    • Credit union savings projects
    • An intensive weekend tutoring program for at-risk students
    • Book club for incarcerated youth that uses reading and writing to help them to envision a future that does not end with a cycle of incarceration or early death
    • Neighborhood tour guide program
    • Yoga program that works with the entire school community to create a less stressful and more mindful school learning environment
    • A program that provides talented, experienced teachers with support, incentives and a professional environment to help make teaching in low-performing schools a viable long-term employment option
    • Civic engagement after-school program in Spanish that includes an English language learning component.

Furthermore, RMYF gives preference to smaller nonprofit organizations, such as organizations with up to $1,000,000 in annual revenue.

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